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Choose Best Blogging Platform

best blog platform is wordpress

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Choose Best Blogging Platform

Choose Best Blogging Platform

How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform

You have decided to create your blog and you have prepared the list of topics you want to. Now you have to know which blogging platform to choose to upload your content.

best blogging platform-wordpress

Which blog platform to choose?

Are you currently puzzled by the multitude of solutions available to you to create your web blog? I understand you. Each hosting company offers its solution, many publishers provide a blog platform integrated with their website creation services. And there are still historic blog platforms that your teens are fond of (where, because they’re all on social networks now).

I will make it simple because it’s simple.

Forget the free blog maker.

Forget about platforms like,, and other free solutions.

You will have the same blog as everyone, ugly, full of ads that you do not control (the free has always a cost) and it will not give you the image you expect.

Forget the paying owner…

Forget also the blog platform integrated with website creation services like Wix and the others.

This blog platform does not rely on any standard, the technology is proprietary, meaning that you cannot edit anything on your own, that you cannot or do not change the presentation, and that you can not enrich your blog with the few indispensable functions that we will see in a future subject.

Blog Platform to turn to…

According to many popular bloggers, The only blog engine to remember for years and for a few more years is WordPress.

WordPress is the most used blog platform in the world and it is not without reason.

There are two versions of WordPress, a hosted version and a self-host, I recommend the self-host.

I advise you to choose the following options:

  • accommodation to you at a recognized host,
  • a domain name to you,
  • a WordPress installation on your hosting and modifiable at will.

Several web hosts offer automation of WordPress installation on your hosting. This is the case at OVH for example.

The set will cost you a few tens of dollars per year maximum ( hosting and domain name ) and you will be able to give your blog:

  • the presentation that you like,
  • the options you like,
  • the evolution that pleases you.

Learn to use WordPress

WordPress requires an apprenticeship if you are comfortable with office tools and common web uses count 2 to 3 hours maximum.

There are a lot of resources to learn how to use WordPress as this blog platform is widespread.

The Open Source WordPress community is very active.

There are many books, websites and learning blogs from WordPress.

Trainers and experts too.

Developers and administrators, if you need them, are everywhere.

Next step …

You have before your eyes the structure of your blog and you have just chosen the technical solution to put it online.

You now have to decide on the visual appearance and presentation of the different elements that will constitute your blog.

This is what we will learn here.

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