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How To Make Money As A Kid

Teenagers Making Money in Nigeria!

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How To Make Money As A Kid

How To Make Money As A Kid

How To Make Money As A Kid In Nigeria (Anywhere In The World)

Are you ready to know “how to make money as a kid”? Are you currently a teen and thinking about making money for yourself? Well, you are not alone. Most teenagers search for methods during the summertime or even in their free time to make extra cash to cover their very own expenses. Some save to buy a bicycle, a nice car, or anything expensive. If you are among the many teenagers who wish to make money, then keep reading!

Here is a list of methods to make money. Pick one and begin making money today!

Become an assistant to a Yoga and Fitness Coach

Make money as a kid through yoga instructor

A Yoga Kid

Yoga exercise is considered one of the relaxing and healthy exercises you can practice; it is great for not just your body also for your mental stability. Therefore, you might as well generate income from it? CHI’S YOGA is this unique yoga hub located in Lagos. It offers classes in small group sessions, that you are a teenager might make use of. Each week they offer the ‘Yoga Bardo’ session that you could sign up to become an assistant for the yoga coach. It is a method not to only make money, but also have some fun and find new friends!


It is a unique way to make quick and somewhat ‘easy’ money since many of the children I used to babysit literally drove me crazy! However, young people must babysit one or more times in their lifetime, watching the children is really incredibly rewarding because taking care of a child brings out a sense of responsibility and maturity for all teenagers, and most importantly this teaches you how to make quick and logical choices immediately.

Sell Snacks

Choose an item like bread, cake, and snacks and then sell it at a bake sale for extra money is really an amazing idea.

Turn Your Hobbies into Money

Surprisingly, your passion will make you make some good Naira on the side. If you aren’t quite sure about exactly what is your hobby you should try out new things until you find yourself enjoying 1 after that keep doing it, and later you can earn money from it. Here are several ideas of stuff that you can do as a hobby; for example, you can start running a blog, photography, writing and creating/editing videos. These types of hobbies can certainly broaden your horizon and it also gives you a new viewpoint on life even while practicing it as a profession.

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Offer your stuff online for cash

Prior to the internet existed, when people wished to sell their things they would be restricted to garage sales, flea markets, or bazaars only. However, in this modern day, we have been blessed with the world wide web, as there are many web sites where one can now sell your relatively new or even old items online for real cash. There are several web sites where you could sell about anything in, for example; Jiji, Jumia, Amazon, eBay, etc.


kid teaching other kid

If you are really good with certain subjects like mathematics or maybe science subjects, then you better begin giving lessons to your younger colleagues as well as your classmates at school in return for money. It is really good for you as you are already revising the info you already know it is like learning even while teaching And also you get money for it, I mean how simple can that be!

Delivery Person

Making Money For Kids through your bike

You can utilize your own bicycle for stuff besides just strolling about together with your mates or even for doing exercises, you can easily become a delivery person! Another way to have extra money, making use of your own schedule and your chosen clients that you would like to deliver for, and most importantly for a reasonable amount of money..depending on your own personal terms.

Best time to start is now. You as a kid can make a lot of money doing one or two in this guide. There you have it, how to make money as a kid

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