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Make Money In Nigeria

Make Money By Writing Articles In Nigeria

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Content Marketing

Make Money By Writing Articles In Nigeria

Make Money By Writing Articles In Nigeria

Make money by writing articles

Do you have talents to write and you are ready to make money by writing articles? But most importantly, you want to round off your end of the month in an original way and by writing on topics/subjects that fascinate you? Writing and submitting articles on the web is for you. Easy, flexible together with your schedule and well paid.

What skills do you need to write an article?

Web copywriter skills Anyone can easily write articles. Of course, you shouldn’t make a misspelling by word, but everyone has already written essays at college, and it looks nearly the same as that. And if you write in Word or any text editor, you’ll avoid at the very least the spelling errors thanks to the automatic proofreader.

These articles are tips for internet users, as in women’s and men’s magazines. It’s in no way about poetry or novels.

Where to write on the web?

The most glorious method to write on the web is usually to be spotted on a forum by a large portal and to be paid freelance. It really is well paid, but it happens very rarely.

Otherwise, you just have to make use of the following technique that works in 100% of cases:

Step Number 1:

Think about the subjects that interest you: cars, romantic relationships, good plans, … This step is very important because writing on a subject that interests you is a lot easier than going for a subject at random.

Step Number 2:

Once your subject is found, type it in Google. You will get 10 answers per page. Visit the websites of the very first 3 pages of the answer only. The websites on the following pages do not earn money in this area. Forget the directories, the definition sites (Wikipedia) and forums, especially weblogs and portals and write them down on a sheet. Only just contact the websites (or blogs) that trade, because they will have the means to pay you. Those that do that amateurish and who do not market anything won’t have a dollar to spend.

Step Number 3:

Consult each one of these sites and find the “contact us” button. If you possibly can get the name of the publisher of the website, it is far better, because to start his mail for instance, in the following way (try to be more original for the phrase of teaser, showing that you have your own “Pen”: “Hello Tolulope, I particularly like the content of your site, which I find both serious and different from what we can usually read.

Love the sea (we will assume that the website is linked to navigation) since my childhood, myself a sailor and having participated in lots of regattas, etc. “You start to see the idea? You need to create immediate proximity between you, your personality, and the publisher of the website that will decide whether to give you answers The worst mistake: send a standard message to all sites, with no customization. Assured effect: you won’t even receive an answer.

Step Number 4:

Offer them your services to write articles, explaining what makes you particularly good in their field and that you will be able to bring them true added value. If you are an expert in motorcycles, do not pretend that you can write original articles about horses: all you can do is go and reproduce everything you find somewhere else on the net. This is of no interest to publishers.

You will discover that one in three websites is looking for authors. Easy no? If you already have experience do not hesitate to put it forward in your contact e-mail.

What topics for my articles?

What topics for my articles In general, the website will give you topics and you just have to write the text. If the web site does not provide you with a specific topic, visit the major French or American portals to motivate you.
The subjects of articles that are extremely successful are the ones that contain the number 10, and that gives a goal. For instance “10 techniques to make money/earn money on the web” or “10 foolproof methods to start your business at home”.

What format for my articles?

The articles on the web have a format just a little different from those in the magazines of the press. You will discover below the instructions that we find in most cases. Ask the webmaster if he’s got a specific preference for the format of his articles. If in doubt, you possibly can go to those people who are already online on his site.

What size for my articles?


Size: they’re between 500 and 1200 words maximum. Beyond it is too long and the reader will not read it entirely. The word count is displayed in each text editor.

Introduction: Summarizes all the content of the article.

Paragraphs: 5 to 10 paragraphs, each with a new title in bold (as in this article). They are exactly the same size. This facilitates the reading of the user.

The conclusion: short, she can possibly give a bonus tip.

How much time per day?

Working time per day

If you write quickly, one hour will be enough to create an article. Begin by putting the title and big ideas of your paragraphs and write them down. With the usual, you can halve the writing time.

How much does it cost?

Write articles, just how much does it cost Question delicate! The big portals offer 70 to 100 dollars gross per article, which must be in the 50+ dollars net for 800 words.

Small sites pay between 5 and 10 dollars for 100 words, often paid by bank transfers. So it pays on average 30 dollars per hour, it is well paid! To locate, an engineer does not touch more.

Ready To Make Money Writing Articles

I believe you decided to earn money online writing articles for the web, congratulation. But wait, first of all, you need to act. Go out there and make the money.

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