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Make Money In Nigeria

Make Money With Facebook, Instagram etc.

make money with facebook social media platform

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Make Money With Facebook, Instagram etc.

Make Money With Facebook, Instagram etc.

The best way to make money through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Blogging on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has developed into a moneymaking opportunity for a few users. These people get paid by companies and PR agencies for marketing and promoting products and services. There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook worldwide. In Nigeria, the number of Facebook users as of 2018 is over 16, 000,000. According to qz, Facebook has 7.2 million daily active users from Nigeria.

Facebook is recognized as one of the world’s most widely used social media websites and apps. The web site is well known for its unique user interference and features like online messages, news feeds, chatting, picture sharing, videos etc. Besides individual profiles, Facebook also enables you to set up a profile web page, blog page or even a brand page.
Running a blog on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook has turned into a money-making opportunity for quite a few users. They get paid by companies and PR agencies for promoting and marketing several products and services.

One very popular friend of mine, a social media blogger and influencer, tells EntrepreneurSalary, “One should never ever think of his/her earnings in the beginning. Love for writing, working on content, taking good care of your target audience are definitely the keys to success.”

How to begin? Follow these steps to become a social media influencer/blogger.

Step one: Just start it. Don’t even think much about making money from your blog initially. The first thing is to just start. You can make a 100 % free blog initially on Blogger, WordPress and many other platforms. There are numerous people who have no website/blog under their name but they have a very good social media following. Your earning opportunity will come once your blog attracts lots of other users and your social media account has become popular.

“Anybody who has a massive social media following but doesn’t have a blog over the internet is actually a social media influencer, not really a blogger. Having a blog that stands out is usually important. Therefore you should definitely have a specific and unique niche for your blog,” says entrepreneursalary.

Step two: Now that you might have started a blog, the next and the most crucial thing is being consistent. Consistency is vital and the key to a successful blog. Be consistent, and watch your site visitors (knowing as traffic) grow. Keep your Instagram handle a ‘business account’. It enables you to run promotions/advertisement as well as provide insights into your content and accounts.

“Social media presence is also an important factor. Ensure that you set up a user profile on Facebook and Instagram as well as other social media platforms,” says Entrepreneursalary.

Step three: Collaborate and team up with other bloggers and grow together with each other. The process will likely be slow but the hustle will probably be worth it. Do not expect yourself to be perfect yet concentrate on producing great content and you will probably improve.

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