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How To Start A Successful Blog 2019

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Start A Blog

How To Start A Successful Blog 2019

How To Start A Successful Blog 2019

You are welcome to the world of lucrative blogging, where you will have the ability to start a successful blog. Which can be monetized from the start while being thoroughly optimized for top search engine ranking.

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  1. Introduction To Blogging
  2.  WordPress Blog Development
    • How To Choose A Profitable Niche
  3.  Critical Blog Plugin
  4. Optimizing Your Blog (SEO)
  5. Traffic Generation
  6.  Monetization Strategies
  7.  Conclusion

Note: The information here is for anyone that is either new to WordPress or are normal users who wish to learn about the easiest way to run a WordPress website.

What is a blog?

Many blog novices are asking the question. What is a blog?

Definition of the blog:

The Blog, named by contraction of the words Web Log, is really a personal website where one or more authors publish articles over time (also called posts or contents), organized in categories and displayed. In reverse chronological order. Blog visitors can then comment on the content of the articles.

The blog is actually individual: unlike forums, where each user is put on a par with the publication of content, the weblog allows a user (the author, also known as blogger or writer) to present his ideas to the rest of the world. However, there are many authors who come together to publish articles around the same theme in a common blog.

What is blogging?

Blogging is definitely the name we use when we run a blog. A blog is used to publish articles. If you have a passion for web site design or new technologies, for example, you can start a weblog and write articles about this kind of subject. The target is to share what you like to create a community of people with the same passion as you. After a while, you can even become a reference in your field if you do well!

Who Is A Blogger?

As it is often easier to say what is not a blogger before you can define it. The blogger is certainly neither a writer nor a journalist, but who’s he?

We can say, a blogger is practically a reporter who reports to the general public in relatively simple terms the changes and evolutions of the world that surrounds him. Sometimes it’s also someone who really wants to share his passion with the world. It’s safe to say a blogger is a person who publishes a post on his/her blog.

Read more on the blog

What Are The Benefits of Blogging?

Make money:

So yes, you can make money by blogging. You can offer services, products through an e-shop, do sponsor articles (after a while, when you have some reputation), etc. On the other hand, it is imperative to be sure that you start your blog with passion, and not only for the money. Simply because a blog takes time, you will need more than this motivation to make it live. Passion is essential if you want to be regular, So if you want to make a blog, start it for the right reasons.

Share your passion:

Writing a blog enables you to express yourself in relation to some of your passions. If you are a lover of video games, fashion, cooking, or any other subject, you can actually share your knowledge and give your opinion. It’s always great to know that we have a place where we can easily discuss what we like. It allows us to escape from everyday life, and simply for that, it already gives you a good reason to start a blog.

Earn More Exposure.

Build an Online Portfolio.

Read more about the benefits of blogging, but we will still write extensively on the topic.


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